Creative Consulting

Fusing product with personality is second nature for us

Whether seeking to strengthen your brand's identity, story telling or visual assets, we’d love to lead you on the journey.  Through extensive experience, exploration & industry research, we’re constantly creating visual connections by unifying product with personality & purpose. 

We provide custom pricing quotes that fit your company’s needs, with weekly, monthly, seasonal & annual options. Connect with us to learn more about how we can efficiently help you save time and money, while elevating your brand's aesthetic. 

Want examples of Brand Books & Seasonal Vision Guides?


Color & Style

Define & refine what sets you apart from the rest

Creating  a unique style guide & color palette for your collection will visually define & refine your product offering.  The assets are created with a collaborative process that combines unique vision with trend market research, to define your tone & positioning in the market. 

Color tools ensure consistency between Pantone, CMYK, RGB & spot colors among all visual applications, while a style guide defines your unique aesthetic, creating customer loyalty & cohesive merchandising. 



Textile Design

Imagery speaks louder than words

Original artwork & custom designs are created from a shared vision board or based on client briefs.  We have a studio art space with all the tools necessary to achieve any aesthetic.  We specialize in designs for screen printing, sublimation, engineered placement, repeat prints & artwork across all product applications.

For design modifications or assistance on previously purchased art, we can help transform artwork to align with your vision.  Building design repeats, recreating vintage artwork & generating multiple color ways are a few of the services we offer.   Whatever your need, we have a solution, working directly with you & your vendors to ensure premium quality design output.



Define your day dream...

Painting & Illustration are the foundation of Sonomad studies.  Whether seeking original brand content, spot illustrations or defining a complete visual narrative from imagination, we have the ability to bring your vision to life.  All projects quotes are custom to fit your unique vision.  Drop us a line & lets turn dreams into reality...